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Pressure Boosters

Pressure Boosters
SMC’s pressure boosters are twin-piston pressure intensifiers that are designed to raise the pressure of compressed air by non-electrical means. They are ideal for use in applications where a small number of end-of-line components may lack power due to lower than optimum mains air pressure. By boosting the pressure to a higher level with this simple to use product, larger forces can be generated, without the complication of installing compressors, expensive electrical controls and additional pipework.

Product features:
  • Improved service life: doubled that of conventional model
  • Reduced noise: reduced by 13 dB (A) compared with the conventional model
  • Improved reliability: built-in mesh filter at IN port
  • Anti-condensation: integrated air-feeding tube with the main tube
  • Each booster is available with a specifically designed tank (VBAT)

Pressure Boosters expand
Pressure Boosters
Series VBA: Pressure Booster. Port size: 1/4"- 1/2". Set pressure range: 1.0MPa-2.0MPa Download 'Series VBA:' datasheet

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