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New Products

AN Series: Silencers


SMC has extended  its range of silencer series with the launch of the new AN Silencers. The product range offers space saving design with a reduced product length and outer diameter. The AN Series provides a noise reduction characteristic of up to 30dB which is increased from 25bD over the existing series. Standard R threads and NPT threads are available as well as one-touch connection.

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  • RoHS Compliant
  • 6mm – 12mm Push-In
  • M5 – ½” port size
  • Sonic Conductance 1 to 18dm3/(

MHF2-X83 Series: Low Profile Gripper  

The new low profile air gripper series offers the specialized feature of an adjustable opening/closing finger position. Stroke length can be adjusted to suit your application allowing your operation time to be reduced while variations allow for the opening/closing position to be adjusted either independently or together.

Within each bore size is the choice of three stroke lengths and two types of adjustment are available, both long and short, additionally both in-line and side piping options are available.

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  • Available in φ8, φ12, φ16 and φ20
  • Stroke adjustment to suit workpiece
  • Various Strokes available
  • Adjustment at either end of stroke

ZP3 Series: Vacuum Pads

To add to SMC’s already extensive range of vacuum pads the ZP3 series development offers space saving design and increased functionality.
Along with the standard pad (ZP series) size of 2mm to 16mm the new 1.5mm pad size allows for precise control of small products and the use of smaller pad sizes means reduced tubing sizes offering further space saving options. The ZP3 series also sees the incorporation of a new more compact buffer body with reductions of up to 50mm seen over the existing ZP series.

With a new design the pad is  prevented  from easily coming away from its mounting point. The addition of  a fixing boss to the adaptor body means that mounting is made easier and is repeatable.  Thanks to an improved treatment process to the pad surface, micro-dents and bumps are removed allowing for easier removal of product from the pads.  An extensive array of piping options are available from male/female connections, barb fittings and one-touch fittings.


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  • 1.5mm to 16mm Diameter
  • Selection of Pad materials
  • New Fixing Boss for mounting
  • Space Saving

LEP Series: Miniature rod and slide table electric actuators 

Further expanding SMC’s range of electric actuators we now introduce the LEP  miniature actuator series. Suitable to applications that require a compact and lightweight solution for highly precise processes involving small loads. The design of this actuator series allows for a number of units to be mounted close together.

Available in two body sizes (φ6 & φ10), with a miniature rod specification (LEPY) or with an incorporated linear guide type (LEPS), offering increased  lateral loading capability.

Both the LEPY and LEPS can operate with a maximum workload of 2kg and can work at a maximum pushing force of 50N. The series can be mounted from the front, side and bottom of the body while the motor cable entry can be selected from four sides.

Both types are applicable to the LEPC6 stepper motor controller, with 64 speed/position patterns and the LECP1, with 14 speed/position patterns.

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  • Maximum pushing force: 50N
  • Positioning repeatability:+/-0.05mm
  • Maximum speed: 350mm
  • Stroke range: 25, 50, 75mm

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